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R7 : Royalty Or Impending SCAM!!

Hi friends, Good Morning and welcome back. For the first post for today, i have to report an ‘Impending Scam’ alert against an immensely popular HYIP. Probably many thousand investors have joined it.

Investors friends who were tactical enough to leave Royalty7 at the right time are in profit. But for many of those investor friends who failed to leave the program in the right time, are not that lucky.

My Note : Well, i have never joined Royalty7 personally. But, primarily I consider the blog as a news resource and if any investor friend complains to me, I have to publish his/her complains.

Well, the complains of pending payouts and non-response to support tickets started to circulate since the last two days. I had asked investor friend who complained to give the Royalty7 administrator 48 hours time, to respond to his support ticket and process his withdrawal.

48 hours has been long over, still there has been no response from the Royalty7 administrator, neither his payout has been processed.

Just before publishing the post , I received another complain of pending withdrawal request from another investor friend. Her payout has been pending since 22nd June.

Below, you can check the screenshot provided by our first investor friend [Name withheld for protection of the investor]

The second complain of pending payout against Royalty7.

I am almost certain, there must be many more investors with much bigger investments who have pending withdrawals at Royalty7.

Well, its seems at present Royalty7 is on a downhill course and by all probability should be considered as an ‘Impending Scam

Lesson Learnt :

No matter , how professional a HYIP looks, still it’s a HYIP and should always be taken as that,nothing more, nothing less. A HYIP, being essentially dependent on the cash flow, is a ponzie game and should only be taken as something similar to gamble. Although there is a chance to make good profits in HYIPs, but always there will be investors who will not make profit. Being solely dependent on the cash flow, the final eventuality of any HYIP is scam. Therefore any investor, willing to take the risk of HYIP investment with the intention of making high profits, should always remember , the Golden rule – Do Not Ever Spend what you can not afford to lose.