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Police Shop for Drugs Online

That’s right at least 21 people were stupid enough to advertise the sale of prescription drugs on Craigslist.   One person even mentioned in his ad that “no law enforcement” should answer.  Strangely enough NYPD, who had been working for a while on “Operation Dot Com”, ignored this plea and arrested that person and 20 others for sale of Vicodin, Percocet, Adderal and other prescription drugs in addition to cocaine online.

These defendants, who ranged in years from 22 to 62, came from many varied backgrounds such as an NYU student, a financial adviser and a professional photographer to name a few.  The police, even though asked not to in the ad, started answering these ads about a year ago and bought about $19,000 in pills and $10,400 in cocaine and in the end made 63 buys.  They met these sellers in broad daylight in places like Penn Station and the Village.

Is this entrapment?  Not likely, more likely it is just plain ignorance that will cost these folks some time in jail and a drug arrest on their records.  Some of those caught had the temerity to say that they didn’t know it was illegal, seriously!  Yes, it is illegal to sell prescription drugs whether your own or someone else’s at all and doing it on Craigslist doesn’t make it legal, just more convenient.

While this may seem like a small operation in the world of large drug busts with pounds and kilos of heroin and cocaine being hauled in, it is a start both on the part of the NY government and the Federal government in cracking  down on the rising epidemic of people addicted to prescription painkillers.  If your friend hands you a Vicodin and you take it that is on the edge of illegal, if you pay them for it then they are trafficking and you are buying, do it a lot and your friend is dealing and you are in possession.  Final note, it is always best not to advertise these types of transactions on Craigslist or Facebook or Twitter or any other public place!