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Market Hotel Shut Down By Cops; Now Trying To Go Legit

Last night, Market Hotel was raided by the NYPD during a routine Saturday night show featuring Smith Westerns, Golden Triangle, Darlings and Big Troubles. The raid apparently consisted of 20 or so cops storming the venue and telling everyone to leave immediately. This is, obviously, a total bummer to pass along, but there might be reason to optimistic: The venue is now trying to go legit as a licensed non-profit.

“For Market Hotel to survive, money is the central challenge,” promoter Todd P. wrote in an email co-signed by the Market Hotel inhabitants and other promoters. “The space may end up able to do shows again in its current situation, but realistically we need to be more legal to really survive. To pull this off we need to raise something like $100,000. This is a high number but not an impossible one. Benefits will help, particularly if they are more ambitious and include bigger sorts of bands, but multiple small ones are also good, or any of a host of other fundraising ideas.”
Market Hotel is hoping that the raid news creates momentum in the community and an environment where it emerges with sustainable model for the future. The venue is understandably silent on the fate of future shows, and all of the events on the current schedule will be relocated to new venues.

“It’s very possible that the space can emerge from this setback more community based and more sustainable than it was before,” Todd P. continued. “We have consulted with architects and lawyers about this challenge and it is definitely possible. Let us know what your ideas are, we need as much support as we can get.”