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Live Streaming Violent Crimes Will Soon Be Illegal

Since the widespread use and each access of the Internet, some people have posted violent crimes online. Most of these videos are extremely gruesome and disturbing. Since it has become too easy, such violent and senseless crimes can be posted almost anytime and from anywhere.

Now, the State of New York is passing a bill that will make online streaming of violent crimes illegal. The government feels that this outrageous habit has reached a point where something needs to be done.

Most people agree that such morally depraved behavior should not be tolerated and criminals should not be allowed to seek fame while committing a violent crime.

The recent bill in Albany, New York will make it a class E felony to deliberately record a video or help another individual make a video while committing a violent felony. So far, the act is limited to punishing only those individuals actively involved in making the video and posting it online. The law has not mentioned anything about news organizations and bystanders that may capture the violent crime. The proposed law will carry a $5,000 fine and a penalty of up to four years in state prison.

Just this past week, three asylum seekers in Stockholm, Sweden received sentences of 6 months, one year and 27 months respectively for live streaming a gang rape. Most people in Sweden were outraged at such minimal sentences. Many are calling for social media sites like Facebook and YouTube to pay more attention to such despicable posts.

While YouTube has been fairly successful in limiting this activity, Facebook still lags far behind in clamping down on such videos. Just last week, an 18 year old Thai father live streamed the hanging of his 11 month old daughter. That video remained on Facebook for over 24 hours.

In February 2017, an Ohio female also live streamed the rape of a 17-year old girl. She was sentenced to only 9 months in jail. In the same month, another alleged criminal in Ohio live streamed herself raping a 4 year old boy.

While this New York Act may deter some people from live streaming violent crimes, the internet is very big and difficult to police. In addition, there is also the ‘dark web’ which is not policed and where all sorts of sinister activities take place. Why some people find it a thrill to live stream violent crimes is a real mystery but it appears that they are not in a minority and must be dealt with immediately.