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Jacksons’ Nightmares Continue

The Jackson family once again proved that they are one of America’s most dysfunctional families. Legal filings and bickering over Michael Jackson’s estate were overshadowed by concern for the children of Michael this week.

Katherine Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s mother, was granted guardianship over the children by the court. In a shocking turn of events, it would seem Katherine abandoned her grandchildren and skipped out to Arizona for at least 10 days. As a result, 82-year-old Katherine Jackson lost custody of the three young Jackson children.

34-year-old Tito Joe, aka TJ Jackson, son of Tito Jackson and cousin to Michael’s children is now responsible for the kids temporarily. The court deemed it necessary to hold an emergency hearing, where TJ told the court that Katherine Jackson wasn’t acting like herself. He got the impression that she was trying to speak to him in code and that she was being held against her will in Arizona.

Rebbie, Jermaine, Randy, and Janet are said to be attempting to coerce their mother into contesting Michael’s will, which left them inheriting nothing of their brother’s estimated billion dollar estate. The judge let it be known that the late pop star’s mother had done nothing wrong, but he does give credence to Katherine Jackson’s lawyer Sandra Ribera’s statement that she believes Katherine is being held against her will in Arizona by her own children.

TJ is not to allow the children out of the state of California without a court order and permission from the kid’s biological mother Debbie Rowe and Katherine’s successor in the event of her death – Diana Ross.

Videos shown on Good Morning America and TMZ prove Janet and Randy Jackson attempted to ambush the Jackson children’s car in an attempt to take them to Arizona. Janet was taped trying to take Paris Jackson’s cell phone from her twice and then attempting to chase her. Janet’s brother Randy restrained her. Reports also state that Janet was caught searching the Calabasas estate for the children’s passports before Paris kicked her out.

TJ reportedly will file an injunction to become the kid’s permanent legal guardian. Perry Sanders, another member of Katherine’s legal team, will fight the injunction and says this is all a big misunderstanding.

According to Manhattan defense lawyer Bukh, it would seem obvious that the Jackson clan could all end up in hot water. Attempted kidnapping, breaking and entering, kidnapping, false imprisonment, harassment, endangerment of a child and many more charges could, and perhaps should, be filed. It also seems clear that a general lack of love, regard for life and respect for Michael and his children is being displayed my far too many family members. The children are the victims of their father’s fortune.