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“Don’t Take Me For Granted”

One of the tricky things about writing this blog is that I get a lot of emails and comments from folks who have had drug problems — either problems with addiction or problems trying to get medication to get their addiction in check. I get these emails and hear these stories, but I don’t really know how to help anybody. And to some extent, I think people probably realize that when they contact me in the first place. Nobody is going to get over an addiction or get their life sorted out by sending an email or by farting around on the Internet. It just ain’t that easy.

But people still want to tell their story. People still have a lot of pain. They are still looking for answers.

I just wanted to say that I salute everybody who is trying to fight that fight. I write this blog to encourage drug policy reform, but at the same time I definitely realize what a battle addiction can be. I’m sorry that I often don’t have any advice that will make anything better, and I respect the struggle that many folks go through just to make it through the day.

Here’s a song that maybe speaks to some of this stuff. It might seem cheezy to some people, I’m not sure. I grew up listening to Social Distortion, and I still think they’re an amazing group.