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Conn. police refuse to enforce new gun laws (3 Updates)

Are Connecticut Police Declining to Enforce Gun Laws

 Tensions are growing between numerous Connecticut state law enforcement authorities and the politicians in Hartford. Legislators in the “Constitution State” have passed highly restrictive gun control laws along with stricter gun bans and bans on high capacity magazines.

Arkady Bukh, New York criminal law expert, reported that over 250 state police officers had signed an open letter announcing their intention to not support the new anti-gun laws. The letter says the officers feel the legislation is a violation of the Second Amendment.

Hardy was provided notice from Tyler Jackson, the director of the Connecticut Peace Officers Association, the group behind the open letter.

Hardy claims Jackson emailed him regarding the story and said that it is estimated that over 300,000 gun owners will be participating in civil disobedience protests as they refuse to register and give up newly outlawed items.

The leaders of the protest claim support in higher levels of government. Hardy reports that Connecticut is facing “massive civilian resistance” as cops refuse to enforce a law that crosses a line which “most citizens” find unacceptable.

Hardy says, “This is something that the politicians — and the courts — should look long and hard at before acting I a knee-jerk fashion.

Is all of this real? Maybe. Possibly. A reporter has learned that there is no “Tyler Jackson.” The real name is Jim Vernon of California. Also, the “Connecticut Peace Officers’ Association is fictitious as well — a product of Vernon’s over-active imagination.