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Have a Bully in the Workplace? It Might Cost You

As an employer, you probably want your workers to feel secure at work. Unless you know what bullying looks like, you won’t be able to take action. Bullying at the job is often legally defined as the “consistent and repeated mistreatment of one or more individuals in a way that harms their mental or physical health.”


Bullying at work usually surfaces in one of several ways:

The Cost to Your Business

Everyone understands the negative affects bullying can have on the victims. Physical problems including stress, digestive problems and even insomnia can be caused by the boorish behavior. Allowing bullying to continue in the workplace can be costing you — the employer — financially. Bullying can eat up a large amount of your budget in some unexpected ways.

You can avoid the high cost of bullies by watching for signs of problems. As soon as you notice any sign of bullying, address it immediately. Putting in place a zero-tolerance policy for your company will help your employees feel as though something as being done and they are much more likely to tell you what they are experiencing.

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